3 Apr 2010


These are a few frequently-asked questions in interviews. I hope with these examples, it can be helpful for you in order to answer the upcoming questions in the interviews.

  1. Tell me about yourself

What they want:

· Personal details

· Skills

· Experience (especially in extracurricular activities)

Note: Answer the question in approximately 2 minutes

What they don’t want:

· Long winded personal history that has nothing to do with your ability and skills

Sample answer:

My name is Michael Schumacher. I was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. I was from SM Sains Alam Shah, Kuala Lumpur. During my secondary years, I am the President of Science and Technology Club, and I am the Project Director of Science and Technology Week of my school in 2009. I got 10A+ in the SPM 2009. I had participated in International Ekiden Run in Putrajaya in the year 2008. One of my special skills is that I am a good debater. I was selected to represent my school in debate at various levels, including in the national level. For your information, I also participated in National Chemistry Quiz, and I got a distinction mark in the quiz.

  1. What course do you want to do? Why?

What they want:

    • The truth
    • How well you know your dream job description

What they don’t want:

· Blabbing about something else

  1. What are your strengths / weaknesses?

What they want:

    • To see that you’ve assessed yourself, strengths and limitations.


  1. What makes you the best candidate:

What they want:

    • How you match up with their expectation
    • Need to do a bit of researching about the organizations
    • A little bit of bragging is okay...

What they don’t want:

· Too much bragging about yourself

I hope that with these short and simple notes, it will be helpful to you.

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